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Tuesday November 6, 2012:

Do you know what it's like to not release an album for almost five years? It's like giving birth...for five years. Well, guess what? Here comes the head! Our first single from our third album comes out TODAY!!! It's called Gone and Done It Now and you can download the single on iTunes, like now! The single version is exclusive and won't be available on the album that comes out in January. And neither will the B-side, Coal Miner's Slaughter. AND our video for Gone and Done It Now, directed by Mark Spacek (made with help from our Kickstarter supporters) is premiering today on Stereogum.com. AND we're finally headed back out for our first tour in four years! We'll be headed up through the Midwest this December and we can't wait. Please come out to see us and tell all your friends. We love you and your friends.

AND, hey, check out this new website. After having an "Under Construction" sign posted on here for years, we've finally got a lot of new stuff for you to check out, including a merch section with new and old T-Shirt designs. AND... we feel like there was something else we were supposed to tell you about today. Something big. what was it? Oh, yeah. go vote, eh?